Increase your employability through the simulation

Boost your Resume

Use your learnings and performance in the simulation on your resume. We provide certificates to those who complete challenge objectives.

Access to Job Opportunities

We partner with finanicial institutions to create job opportunities for high potential learners.

Share your performance digitally with employers

Certificates and Badges

Successfully complete one of our challenges and earn badges and certificates that validate your work and learnings.

Public Portfolios

Receive a link that showcases your investment portfolio and performance. Use this to supplement your resume with real results.

See an example candidate portfolio

Connect with Industry Opportunities

EquitySim was instrumental in helping me secure my Investment Banking internship at Credit Suisse. I was able to really showcase my abilities [...] and boost my candidacyDadi Zhou, Undergraduate Student, University of Toronto

Experience a new environment for learning

Challenge yourself and get to the next level

We host seasonal challenges designed to test you against yourself. You will face pressure, hard decisions, and deadlines. You will face the same evaluation a professional would. In this environment you are forced to learn and evolve. Good luck!

Example Challenge

Showcase your thinking, not only your results

Beyond the profits and trades

Record how trades relate to your portfolio strategies, write your thoughts down, and track your past rationale to keep track of how your thinking panned out week or months later.

Here are some top rationales