Learn Finance, without money on the line.

Hands-on Learning

Learn about the world of business and finance by interacting with the real financial markets. Our simulation enables you to understand finance through application. Hands-on learning has been shown to be 15.4x more effective than textbook learning.

Risk-free Experiments

The simulation provides you with fake money to invest in real investments. You are free to try out all your ideas without risking real dollars. These learnings could cost you thousand's of dollars experimenting with a real account.

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Lessons for all Levels of Learning

A card showing the completion state of the ETF course


Learn what defines an "investment," and how different investment securities work

A card showing the completion state of a course chapter


Learn how to evaluate risk-return tradeoffs and strategically choose your investments

A card showing the portfolio breakdown in the CFA course chapter


Learn how to master the concept of diversification and build optimal portfolios

Finance made simple, practical, and fun.

Simple Start

We've taken the time to translate the math, jargon and technical terms into writing that's understandable and actually engaging. The simulation combines an intuitive interface, game-like mechanics, and tutorials to guide your learning.

Challenge Yourself

Once you've understood the basics, join one of our challenges to take your learning to the next level. Challenges pit you against yourself, pushing you to master the psychological side of investing. Learn from others in the challenge.

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Learning that is data-driven, personalizing your experience.

Track your Progress

We use metrics and analytics to help you understand how you are improving. Use this to focus your attention, and work towards investing like a professional.

Reflect and Iterate

We include a journal function that allows you to keep track of your investment thought process. We encourage you to use this to make incremental improvements to your performance.

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Hiring for your abilities, based on performance.

Real-world Skills

We work with employers to understand what it takes to get hired in the Finance industry. By integrating this into the simulation, your work goes towards developing your employability.

Innovating Recruitment

Resumes only show one part of who you are. We work with employer partners who believe in accuracy, fairness, and meritocracy. If you show signs of high potential for the industry we will highlight you to our partners.

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