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NIKEConsumer | USEquity
Nike Inc
Market Cap7M
ENWEnergy | GlobalETF
iShares Global Energy
SMTGGovernment | GermanyBond
Summit Germany Ltd
Coupon Rate4%
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Risk-free way to learn how to trade and manage a portfolio like a professional. No real money is harmed.

Don’t gamble, manage risk like a pro

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You’ve heard “Buy low, sell high”. Smart investors don’t gamble with their money. Learn to understand risk and make consistent long-term returns.

See how others are hitting their goals

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Join the conversation and get feedback on your portfolio. Talk to learners like yourself and learn from their success stories. Together we can crowd-source the best strategies. Everyone wins!

Learn to trade with fake money

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Don’t make mistakes cost you your savings. Practice trading on a real-time markets with fake money instead! You can start again with some fresh 💰 at any time.

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Get the most out of your trading with tailored insights.

Compare different investment strategies, try risky moves, prove your hypotheses. We give you the tools to get deeper insights into your portfolios—you make the call.

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Join hundreds of educators who love us.

EquitySim is proven to increase student engagement by allowing them to apply theory to practice. Whether you are teaching high-school students or advanced graduate class, EquitySim has value for learners of all backgrounds.

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Make a difference with your hiring.

Get an advantage over the competition and attract global talent by using a merit-based simulation. We give you the tools to connect with the most motivated high-performers, candidates with clear and analytical trading rationale.

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